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We are located along the Eastern Bypass about 3.3 KM from Thika Road Eastern Bypass Roundabout. Our Stores are located 200 Metres apart.

Most of our items are Ex-UK items hence the condition will be used. New items will be the same a the item in the picture. Actual pictures and condition of the item in details our representatives can share them on whatsapp, facebook or email. Get intouch with our representatives on whatsapp or visit our stores for more on the items.

Sales receipt will be given at our stores, a copy will be shipped with the product and for users with accounts on our website they will have a copy in their email and account on the website.

Contact our sales representative via whatsapp, facebook, phone or visit our stores.

Yes, we also do pre-orders for items users’ feel should be in our stock but we have not stocked them yet.

Shipping is done through courier services that the user prefers hence shipping fees will apply